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Monday Short: The Online World Premiere of 'Delicacy'Video description

Monday Short: The Online World Premiere of 'Delicacy'

The next film in our Monday Shorts series, curated by TFF Head of Shorts Programming Sharon Badal, is 'Delicacy' from Jason Mann, about a man's quest to find something truly delectable.

Every Monday, TFF Head of Shorts Programming Sharon Badal shares a short film that she thinks deserves a bigger audience. This week, a short that premiered on our Picture Show channel today: Are you tired of the same holiday turkey year after year? Well, have we got a suggestion for you. This short is a culinary quest for a rare animal. Bon appetit! 

About the Filmmaker: Jason Mann

JASON MANN is from San Francisco and resides in New York. Delicacy has played at festivals including Telluride, Tribeca, and Austin. His short The Leisure Class premiered at Raindance. Before studying for an MFA at Columbia, he made On The Revolutions of Heavenly Spheres which played at Palms Springs, Boston, Newport Beach and others.


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