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'Mitt' Is Now Streaming On Netflix

The long-awaited premiere of 'Mitt', a documentary about the publicly private world of Mitt Romney, hit Netflix today. Enjoy your weekend!

Just a little over a month after Netflix acquired its first original documentaries, The Short Game and The Square, the Egyptian Revolution as seen through the eyes of the country's youth, the godfather of binge-watching announced that they had also acquired Mitt. Mitt, which follows the campaign of former Massachusetts governor and Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, was released on Netflix today.

Director Greg Whiteley reportedly had complete access to Romney for 6 years. The trailer shows just some of the family moments he must have witnessed during that time. What's marking about this documentary is that with their inside jokes and tears, the Romney family finally becomes real. But what happens when the audience knows the ending before it even begins?

Netflix has been adding more and more titles to their label, notably 2013's breakout hits Orange is the New Black and House of Cards. Now, they're looking at feature-length films, both traditional fiction narratives and documentaries. While they’ve not yet announced their narrative titles, the move into documentaries is a smart one; it proves they're not a one-trick pony and creates buzz. 

After the success of House of Cards (the American adaptation of the novel and British mini-series), releasing a documentary that appeals to the same fanbase was a natural progression--for Netflix and for Romney. Nearly two years after he lost the election, Mitt Romney is struggling to remain relevant. "I have looked, by the way, at what happens to the person that loses as the nominee of their party. They become a loser for life. All right? It's over," he says before a chuckling crowd. There's already talk of the film creating a Mitt resurgence. That would be Netflix's most surprising win yet.



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