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Jimmy Fallon, Tom Hanks & Amy Schumer Spill Their Secrets In The ‘Misery Loves Comedy’ Trailer

“Let’s hope it doesn’t get weird.” Actor/Podcaster Kevin Pollak dives into the inner workings of humor with some of Comedy’s brightest stars.

If you are a Comedy fan, chances are you’ve listened to or live-streamed Kevin Pollak’s brilliant podcast, Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show, that has him chatting each week (every Sunday at 3PM PST) with celebrated comedians, writers, directors and actors about their craft.








Surely this podcast was the impetus for Pollak’s new documentary, Misery Loves Comedy, in which he candidly interviews over 60 comedians (and some generally famous funny people), including Jimmy Fallon, Tom Hanks, Amy Schumer, Jim Gaffigan, Larry David, Bob Saget and Lisa Kudrow, about their takes on the art of humor. 

This hilariously insightful doc from Tribeca Film hits iTunes and VOD platforms on April 14 and will open in select theaters on April 24. 


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