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Large matisse marquee

Matisse in Theaters | The Bodega | "The Blacker the Berry"

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Meet The Grand Budapest Hotel's Graphic Designer
What you need to know: Annie Atkins designed every minute detail necessary to bring The Grand Budapest Hotel's fictional Empire of Zubrowka to life - including passports, flags, banknotes, street signs. Atkins drew on Eastern European currency from the Cold War era for design inspiration. Take a look at the convincing results. 
Tribeca says: What a morbid task it must have been to design a police report of that brutal murder.

"Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs" Coming to Cinemas
What you need to know: Although the Matisse exhibition at MoMA is over, a new documentary entitled Matisse will bring it to theaters around the country. With high-definiton images of the works themselves as well as detailed commentary on its curation and installation, this documentary practically reproduces the museum-going experience. 
Tribeca says: On board for any art exhibition that doesn't involve extensive waiting lines.

Location Scouting: The Bodega 
What you need to know: If you have or haven't experienced the corner store/deli/ discotech atmosphere of an NYC bodega you must not miss this podcast where Latino USA Producers spend a day in a life of bodega in Washington Heights NYC. Much more than your morning stop for a bacon, egg, and cheese these corner stores tell the stories of communities, nutrition, immigration, and gentrification.
Tribeca Says: With more than 11,000 bodegas in NYC, the bogadero wisdom waiting for you is endless.

Netflix in the Academy Awards
What you need to know: After Netflix's two appearances at the Oscars in the past two years with The Square and Virunga, this NYPost piece talks to an unnamed Academy voter about the streaming service's projected future in the industry. With an increasing number of original series and films slated for production, Netflix is at a strategically promising place. 
Tribeca says: We can't wait to see what comes on the heels of these great films.

Kendrick Lamar's "The Blacker the Berry"
What you need to know: Kendrick Lamar's follow-up to last year's upbeat "i" goes starkly in the opposite direction with "The Blacker the Berry," which addresses some of the ugliest aspects of contemporary race relations. The song is viciously angry in lyric and production and addresses racialized police brutality alongside Black History Month, gang violence, and the economic supression of local black communities. 
Tribeca says: Angry Kendrick is a good look. 


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