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Martin Scorsese Continues to Champion Film

Scorsese and like-minded filmmakers have banded together to elicit a pledge from several major Hollywood studios to buy a set amount of film stock each year from Kodak.

A-list directors that include Martin Scorsese, Quentin Tarantino, Christopher Nolan, Judd Apatow, and J.J. Abrams used their influence with Hollywood studios to insure that Kodak will continue to make its beloved film stock. The deal, based largely on the honor system (or so it would appear), hinges on the promise that each of studios will buy a certain quantity of film stock over the next few years.

Scorsese, as we all know, is one of Hollywood’s staunchest supporters of film—even though he incorporated digital in both Hugo and Wolf of Wall Street.  In Scorsese’s view, taking advantage of modern technology is part of honing his craft, but he wants to insure that, as he stated in this outtake from Side by Side (the TFF 2012 film that focuses on the central issues in the film vs. digital debate), “Celluloid is still going to be a choice.”  

When news of the deal broke yesterday, the Oscar-winning filmmaker issued a moving statement: “It seems like we’re always being reminded that film is, after all, a business. But film is also an art form, and young people who are driven to make films should have access to the tools and materials that were the building blocks of that art form.”

Click here to read the full statement. If you aren’t inspired, you’d better check your pulse and your cinephile credentials. 


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