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Martin Scorsese and MOMA Team up for a New York Cinema Lover's Dream Summer

As famous for his proud and perpetual cinephilia as he is for his own commanding career, Martin Scorsese has always been reverently open about the deep and abiding impact of the masters who came before him.

In that vein, Scorsese has partnered with MOMA for two exciting summer series that should be of particular interest to New York City cineastes looking for a wider breadth of options to fulfill their all-consuming film-love during the dog days of moviegoing, when the films get iffy and the options begin to dwindle.

First up is Scorsese Collects, a gallery exhibition of thirty-four international works from the Scorsese Poster Collection, which is running now through late October and seeks to celebrate the director's everlasting commitment to film preservation — not to mention his impeccable taste. This rare exhibition offers an exclusive eye into the multitudinous graphic, cinematic, and aesthetic influences that have shaped Scorsese's awe-inspiring filmography.

In tandem with Scorsese Collects, the the thirty-three feature screening series Scorsese Screens kicks off in August with a month's worth of lovingly-curated, culturally-diverse classics. These include two from Scorsese's own repertoire (Mean Streets, Cape Fear) but also a whole host of unequivocally indispensable masterpieces and under-heralded B-picture gems, many of which are featured in conjunction with the gallery exhibition. These include everything from Powell and Pressburger's Black Narcissus and Kazan's On the Waterfront to Preminger's Laura and Ophuls' The Earrings of Madame de.... But also La Ronde! And The Red Shoes! And Scarface! And Sullivan's Travels! Relish the privilege of seeing 2001: A Space Odyssey on a big screen, instead of the dusty retina display of your Macbook!

Check out some more posters featured in the exhibition in the above gallery. And prepare to clear away your schedule this August. Staying indoors for the summer will never feel more rewarding.