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Selling the Score: Movie Marketing Spotlights Composers

Hans Zimmer's "Man of Steel" music hits the internet this week. We take a look at how studios are increasingly streaming movie scores online to entice audiences into the theater.

With Man of Steel one of the top contenders for Summer's Biggest Movie, there is no shortage of avenues with which Warner Bros. can promote it. One such method has been to tease out bits of the film's score, as has been done here with this 30-second SoundCloud clip.

Since the days of the promotional music video movie tie-in are long gone (love you forever, Lisa Loeb's "Stay"), particularly the videos which featured clips from the movies they were from (miss you lots, Coolio's "Gangsta's Paradise"), even the most star-studded movie soundtracks are reduced to streaming online rather getting the promo video treatment. Look no further than The Great Gatsby's flashy-as-hell soundtrack for that. The Jay-Z-dominated soundtrack was made available for streaming this week, to much fanfare.

This streaming option has found an unexpected beneficiary in the film composers who created these scores. When before, a movie score was once the province of the way back section of the record store and/or the Academy Awards, now movies have been streaming score snippets as a way to tease their upcoming films, same as any proper pop song. M83's score for the Tom Cruise hit Oblivion graced the internet well before the film was released, and now we've got the great Hans Zimmer and his rousing superhero score.

As a huge fan of film scores and the composers who make them happen, I can't help but find this as a net good, even if it ultimately adds up to simply another arm of the marketing machine.

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