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Women at the Oscars | 'Mad Men' at MOMI | 2015 Eyebeam Showcase

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Women at the Oscars
What you need to know: In the wake of widespread dissatisfaction with the lack of diversity in this year's Oscars nominations, Karen Kemmerle observes a few things to celebrate about the women nominated in the Best Actress/Best Supporting Actress categories. Like Reese Witherspoon who, at the helm of her own production company, is in just the right position to bring more women into the moviemaking game. 
Tribeca says: Fingers crossed for another female Best Director winner soon! Ava we are looking at you. 


Mad Men at the Museum of Moving Image
What you need to know: Ahead of Mad Men's final season premiere on April 5th, the Museum of the Moving Image will host an exhibit of some of the best pieces from the show's iconic art direction. In collaboration with Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner, MOMI will host costumes, props, research material, and even large-scale sets from some of the most memorable Mad Men moments.
Tribeca says: Not to be missed! Mark your calendars for March 14. 

Jose Antonio Vargas and the LA Times
What you need to know: In a "vertical" collaboration between immigration advocate Jose Antonio Vargas and the LA Times, the upcoming #EmergingUS is envisioned to be a multimedia platform that engages both ongoing conversations about immigration and multiculturalism. Read the project title as either Emerging Us or Emerging U.S. to get a sense of this new venture's promise.
Tribeca says: Since the NYTimes printed Jose Antonio Varga's original "My Life as an Undocumented Immigrant," here's hoping they follow suit.

James Bridle, Drone Shadows Washington, D.C.

2015 Eyebeam Showcase
What you need to know: Each year, art non-profit Eyebeam holds a highly competitive open call to award a small number of fellowships and residencies to promising upcoming artists. The work produced from these grants is currently on display at DUMBO's Gallery 216 for a short period of time. 
Tribeca says: The showcase runs through February 21, don't miss your chance to see it.

Visiting My Friend in Putin's Prison Camp
What you need to know: Yevgeniy Vitishko was jailed early last year for his demonstrations against the Sochi Olympics' reckless disregard for the precarious local ecology. Vitishko's close friend profiles the activist and describes the dire conditions in which Vitishko is currently serving his three-year sentence. 
Tribeca says: Click through to learn more about the ways the construction of the Olympic village has been distastrous. 


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