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Watch the Trailer for ‘Listen Up Philip’Video description

Watch the Trailer for ‘Listen Up Philip’

Alex Ross Perry’s ‘Listen Up Philip’ explores the self-destructive nature of an arrogant yet talented novelist.

Do you ever make a decision that seems sound but quickly reveals itself to be empty?

One of the most distinct voices on the American independent film scene is Alex Ross Perry, the director/scribe behind films like Impolex and The Color Wheel. His third feature, Listen Up Philip, received rave reviews at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival, securing Perry’s reputation as a talent on the rise.

This eccentric comedy stars Jason Schwartzman as Philip Lewis Friedman, a successful writer who becomes disillusioned when his follow-up novel does not garner the accolades he believes it deserves.  Philip leaves the New York literary scene, his successful photographer girlfriend Ashley (Elisabeth Moss) and the city itself for the refuge of his mentor Ike Zimmerman’s (Jonathan Pryce) country home.  There he goes to brood, focusing on the subject he loves most: himself. 

Also starring Krysten Ritter, Jess Weixler, Keith Poulson, Dree Hemmingway and Kate Lyn Sheil, Listen Up Philip will celebrate its New York premiere next week at the New York Film Festival.

Get your tickets while you can! 


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