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Watch The Trailer For 'Let's Kill Ward's Wife'Video description

Watch The Trailer For 'Let's Kill Ward's Wife'

In a tour de force, ‘Scandal’ star Scott Foley wrote, directed, and acts this hilarious black comedy.

When someone’s evil, you talk about wanting them dead. You don’t actually want them dead!

How far would you go to help a friend get out of a toxic relationship? Let’s Kill Ward’s Wife features Patrick Wilson, James Carpinello and Scott Foley (who also served as writer/director) as a trio of pals that hate the wife (played by Wilson’s real life wife Dagmara Dominczyk) of their friend Ward (Donald Faison). Instead of a suggesting a messy divorce, the three fantasize about killing Ward’s wife, never expecting their dreams to become an accidental reality! As they scramble to cover up the unintentional homicide, the friends encounter a remarkably complicated set of hilarious and horrifying problems.

Check out the trailer and make sure to mark your calendar! Let’s Kill Ward’s Wife hits iTunes on December 23 (just in time for the holidays!) and select theaters starting January 9, 2015. 


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