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Leonard Nimoy | Banksy Returns | Herzog Inspires

Your daily dose of cultural currency.

Remembering Leonard Nimoy
What you need to know: Beloved actor Leonard Nimoy died today at the age of 83. Among a long and storied career full of starring roles on both stage and screen, Nimoy will be best remembered for not only playing but defining the iconic role of Spock, the pointy-eared, half-human, half-Vulcan Star Trek character whom Nimoy played in 79 episodes, 8 feature films, and numerous spin-off series.
Tribeca says: Nimoy is a prominent and profound example of a character's ability to transform himself from a mere weekly presence into a treasured and indelible part of our cultural existence. He will be missed.

Unearthing a Feminist Hero
What you need to know: In a recent interview at Georgetown University, Ruth Bader Ginsberg highlighted the pivotal if little-known legacy of a fellow liberal pioneer, Dr. Pauli Murray, a black and queer activist, lawyer, and all-around feminist trailblazer, who fought fearlessly against racial and sexual discrimination, both in the coutroom and on the picket line.
Tribeca says: It is courageous figures like Dr. Murray who exemplify why Black History Month is a vital time for all of us to learn, enlighten, and better ourselves.

New Documentary Exposes College Rape Culture
What you need to know: Opening in New York and Los Angeles today, director Kirby Dick's and producer Amy Ziering's new and essential documentary The Hunting Ground powerfully calls attention to the troubling and pressing epidemic of on-campus sexual assaults.
Tribeca says: See this movie. And then tell everyone you know to see it as well.

Banksy Goes to Gaza
What you need to know: The ever-elusive Banksy re-emerged yesterday with a post on his website featuring new work created in and around the bombed-out streets of Gaza, including one strangely enormous graffiti kitten with a pink bow, along with an accompanying video of his clandestine art-making process.
Tribeca says: Love or hate him, Banksy knows you're talking about him. And that's kind of the point.

ScarJo Emulates the Go-Go's
What you need to know: It turns out that when Scarlett Johansson isn't working hard to claim the unofficial title of Most Adventurous Screen Goddess, she's actually devoting her time to other artistic pursuits. After two earlier albums - the 2008 Tom Waits compilation Anywhere I Lay My Head and the 2009 Pete Yorn collaboration Break Up - Johansson has formed The Singles, a "super-pop" girl group featuring Haim sister Este Haim, Holly Miranda, Kendra Morris, and Julia Haltigan.
Tribeca says: Listen to the band's first single "Candy" and envision yourself feeling adrift in Tokyo or seducing Scotsmen with your extraterrestrial prowess.

A Different Kind of #Street Art
What you need to know: Justin Bettman and Gozde Eker have collaborated on a new and immersive project that finds the artists building elaborate versions of everyday living spaces made entirely of leftover materials and unwanted furniture. The life-size dioramas are then left on the street, where passersby are encouraged to play around and take photos, sharing them under the hashtag #setinthestreet.
Tribeca says: You always knew the city was your canvas, but did you know it's your bathroom, bedroom, and living room too?

Getting Deep with Herzog
What you need to know: Find your everyday dose of inspiration with some meditative musings from visionary auteur Werner Herzog, each of them pasted on to pictures and posters swiped directly from the walls of your high school guidance counselor's office.
Tribeca says: A daily desk calendar is the only logical next step, no?


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