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Film Society Will Pay Tribute to Lauren Bacall This September

Catch a double feature of Lauren Bacall's best performances, 'To Have and to Have Not' and 'The Cobweb' at the Film Society of Lincoln Center on September 15.

The Film Society of Lincoln Center recently announced an evening memorializing the legendary actress - and close friend of Tribeca's - Lauren Bacall. 

The Society will project two films showcasing the late actress's most memorable perfomances back to back on the evening of September 15. You can see Bacall deliver the quote that cemented her place as an Old Hollywood legend in To Have and Have Not, and then stick around to see Bacall as a psychiatric clinic aide Vincente Minnelli's melodrama, The Cobweb. 

Bacall came up with her trademark Look - head lowered, eyes raised - during the filming of To Have and To Have Not, which was based on Ernest Hemingways 1937 novel by the same name. This was also the film that kickstarted Bacall's romance with Humphrey Bogart, who she would later marry. You can read how her colleagues in the industry remembered her career here, then go get tickets for A Tribute to Lauren Bacall at the Film Society of Lincoln Center - which are $13 each or $15 together



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