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"War Witch" Opens in NYC This Friday, Available Now on VOD

The Oscar-nominated "War Witch" arrives in select NYC theaters tomorrow. In this interview, Kim Nguyen talks about bringing this extraordinary story to the screen. Available now on VOD.

I want to do films that try not to judge people—where’s there is no a clear line between who’s good and who’s bad.

In this video interview, filmmaker Kim Nguyen discusses the difficulties of filming in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which included dealing with seven different ministries, importing in 14,000 blank bullets, and assembling 100 AK-47s together with countless kilos of explosives and detonators. Nguyen also reveals the ways in which he broke traditional filmmaking rules to capture the authenticity of the Congolese people and mine the power of non-professional actors.

War Witch is now available on VOD and digital platforms nationwide. The Oscar-nominated film opens on March 1 in New York City at the Angelika Film Center and Lincoln Plaza Cinemas expanding to cinemas across the country in the upcoming weeks.

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