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Kelly's Curated Internet: 'Veronica Mars' and Wealth Inequality, 1,001 Movies to See Before You Die & More

Also: the would-be stars of 'Dazed and Confused.'

The World Wide Web turned 25 years old this week! How did you celebrate? By staring at it basically nonstop every single day? Me too! Let's keep the celebration rolling with a look into the life of its creator, some news from the South by Southwest Film Festival, a look at the lesser-known actors of Dazed and Confused, and much more! 

  • "I think that to become a writer you have to root for the brunette on Three’s Company and also Mary Ann on Gilligan’s Island. I have found this to be true." A conversation with Gary Shteyngart
  • As I mentioned, the World Wide Web turned 25 this week, just in case you were wondering why it suddenly started to feel a little bit more nervous about its future. Ahhh, why didn't it prepare more?! (The joke is that I am pretending that the World Wide Web is a person.) Speaking of its future, here is Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of the World Wide Web, on what he thinks it might hold. And because Tim Berners-Lee is a name that we should certainly know, and one that we almost certainly did not know before this week, here's a closer look at his life and the creation of the Web. 
  • "…What are teenagers if not incredibly diverse? The whole idea of cliques is based on this sense that teenagers aren’t all after the same things and are divided by their clashing desires. They should have characters to identify with and a massive spectrum of films to pick from. Maybe you like American Pie or Cruel Intentions — all these films existed in the same space, and yet they’re so vastly different." The Cut talked to filmmaker Charlie Lynn, whose new documentary Beyond Clueless about teen movies and the effect they have on their generation, just premiered at South by Southwest. 
  • "Dystopian Thrillers: The Rare Hollywood Genre Where Women Rule." 
  • The writers at The Dissolve are discussing Dazed and Confused this week, and Mike D'Angelo has taken a look at some of the actors whom we don't usually take a look at when discussing Dazed and Confused
  • Over at Fast Company, you can read an excerpt from (co-founder of Pixar Animation Studios) Ed Catmull's upcoming book Creativity, Inc., in which he discusses how the Pixar Braintrust fostered an environment of candor and creativity. 
  • Netflix gave us our first look at the upcoming season of Orange Is the New Black this week, in the form of a few context-free images.  And AMC did the same for Mad Men.  Come back to us, old friends!
  • "In pursuing the latest and the coolest, young engineers ignore opportunities in less-sexy areas of tech like semiconductors, data storage and networking, the products that form the foundation on which all of Web 2.0 rests. Without a good router to provide reliable Wi-Fi, your Dropbox file-sharing application is not going to sync; without Nvidia’s graphics processing unit, your BuzzFeed GIF is not going to make anyone laugh. The talent — and there’s a ton of it — flowing into Silicon Valley cares little about improving these infrastructural elements. What they care about is coming up with more web apps." Yiren Lu, a graduate student in computer science, talks about the possible "youth problem" arising in Silicon Valley for the New York Times Magazine
  • Fort Tilden, a film about two young hipster ladies venturing into "deep Brooklyn," just won the grand jury award for Best Narrative Feature at the South by Southwest Film Festival. Jordan Zakarin spoke with the directors about the film -- and fielding comparisons to Lena Dunham -- for The Wrap
  • While we're on the subject, Dunham appears on the cover of Glamour's April issue and reportedly alludes to the idea that she might take a step back from acting once she is finished filming Girls
  • Do men not like Veronica Mars? Why not? You only have to change one letter and it becomes Veronica Mans! In case you are a man who is hesitant to start watching the series, here are seven reasons why you should give it a shot. (Warning: reasons may also work on women.) 
  • Would you take a one-way ticket to Mars from an eccentric Dutch billionaire, and have your trip filmed for a reality television series? You just may be able to! PS: PLEASE DO NOT! 
  • And finally, I'll leave you with a ten-minute supercut of 1,001 movies you must see before you die. (Fingers crossed, you will also see some of them outside of a ten-minute supercut.)


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