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Kelly's Curated Internet: The Genius of Bill Murray & 'House of Cards' Mania

Welcome back! Now that we're in our second week, this column has a new name: Kelly's Curated Internet. Elsewhere: Seth Meyers is taking over Late Night, Facebook bought an app for nineteen billion dollars, and Fiona Apple is going to act in a French TV show about superheros! Will the world ever stop changing? Ah, I just don't know. Let's enjoy it -- the changes I mentioned, and also some other things -- while we can, together, right now!
  • "The SNL writers room on the 17th floor of 30 Rock is a spare, utilitarian place, and the food isn't any better than a picked-over bag of Murray's bagels. But as Meyers works on his second-to-last show with a group of seven colleagues, it becomes obvious why he has been in no hurry to leave. This is his element." The Hollywood Reporter on Seth Meyers' somewhat hesitant exit from Saturday Night Live, and his transition to Late Night with Seth Meyers.
  • And as a bonus, here is The Hollywood Reporter on why Fred Armisen accepted the role of Meyers's bandleader, a decision he says was aided by the thought, "What would Wayne Coyne do?" 
  • Larry David's House of Cards
  • Over at Flavorwire, Tyler Coates and Ryan Creed argue over which ’90s comedy is the quintessential Gen-X film: Reality Bites or Singles. My vote goes to (no duh) the non-contender Empire Records, but I am, of course, willing to hear each of them out.
  • Why Actors Act Out: James Franco on Shia LaBeouf’s Recent Antics
  • A good enough reason to stop taking online quizzes as literally any other reason you could come up with:
  • The wonderful genius Fiona Apple will star as BioFrau, a kidnapped activist, in the upcoming French superhero TV show, H-Man. Hmmm. Okay! (It makes a bit more sense when you take into account that the show comes from Joseph Cahill, who directed Apple's video for "Every Single Night.")  (Honestly only a tiny bit more, though.) 
  • "In his earliest incarnations, that sense of mystery often took the form of ironic reserve. As [Bill] Murray got older, his mystery began to take on a more existential dimension. Funny people are expected to give everything of themselves, to pander for viewers’ affection and laughter, but Murray holds audiences at arm’s length." Nathan Rabin takes an in-depth look at Bill Murray's career in film for The Dissolve. 
  • Do you think House of Cards cares what you think? Well, think again
  • Tina Fey will star in and produce The Taliban Shuffle, based on Kim Barker’s memoir The Taliban Shuffle: Strange Days in Afghanistan and Pakistan
  • "Despite the gravity of this revelation and the long road we’ve traversed from the Ellen I grew up with to the Ellens who inspire young people today, many straight people have responded rudely to her speech with 'Yeah, duh' and 'Why is this news'? I am wary of these people." Autostraddle's Riese on "A Tale of Two Ellens.
  • Community's Gillian Jacobs took The Ultimate Emoji Test, which required guessing famous quotes from film and literature in the form of Emojis, over at Vulture. Though she didn't get a perfect score, she certainly did better than what seems reasonable
  • "Andy Warhol's Interview" Interview: Matthew McConaughey
  • AJ McLean of the Backstreet Boys has a tattoo of the dots from the Friends logo, which is my favorite bit of Friends trivia since learning that Matthew Perry wasn't originally available to play the role of Chandler because he was attached to a Fox pilot about baggage handlers in the year 2194. 
  • Did you miss Jessica Williams's response to the Michael Dunn verdict on The Daily Show this week? If so, why did you do that? Watch it now
  • "All entities in the universe are spherical, round or spiral,' says Jarmusch. Circles are so crucial to the film that his script was originally threaded with quotes from Rumi, a dervish dancer, about waterwheels and turning. 'It seemed a bit pretentious,' he says." Jim Jarmusch on his new film, Only Lovers Left Alive.
  • And finally, if you'll indulge me, this video of mascots dancing at the NBA All-Star Game is probably the best thing I have seen all week. (And, to give you some perspective, that is INCLUDING most of the second season of House of Cards.) 


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