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Kelly's Curated Internet: 'The Brown Bunny,' RomCom's Indie Future, and Jon Stewart’s Directorial Debut

Happy Labor Day weekend! I hope all of your white clothing is clean and your lap top battery is charged, 'cause we got a whole bunch of stuff for you to check out around the web (and you'll want to wear the white, like, right away). Continue on for the independent future of romantic comedies, the first trailer for Jon Stewart's directorial debut, and so much more!

  • The trailer for Jon Stewart’s directorial debut Rosewater was released this week. Didn't get a chance to watch it yet? Check it out now!
  • "The genre itself certainly isn’t dead—even a brief perusal of the Web site Box Office Mojo turns up 15 2014 releases that are ostensibly classified as 'romantic comedies,' but it’s no longer the playground of big studios looking to make some money by tossing together two bankable stars and calling it a day. " Vanity Fair’s Kate Erbland wrote about romantic comedy's new home in independent film
  • The Board of Governors of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences named its award recipients this week, ahead of the November 8 awards dinner. 
  • David Lynch took the ice bucket challenge this week (with iced coffee, naturally) and it was perfect and adorable. (Even if you don't think you can stand another ice bucket challenge video!)
  • "On Friday, I had three wisdom teeth pulled out of my skull and was subsequently prescribed Vicodin for the pain. A few days later, I decided to revisit The Brown Bunny, Vincent Gallo’s hugely divisive, deeply weird, and conspicuously bugs-splattered road movie. You could say these things were related." Steven Hyden wrote for Grantland about Vincent Gallo's The Brown Bunny, ten years later.
  • Have you watched Whit Stillman's new Amazon series The Cosmopolitans yet? It's great! It's truly wonderful and you're gonna love it. Read Zachary Wigon's interview with Stillman and then check it out.


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