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Kelly's Curated Internet: Sorkin's Apology, Meg Ryan, Renaming 'The Hobbit,' & More

How is your 2014 Tribeca Film Festival going? Are you keeping a good personal diary account of your adventures, so you remember them for the rest of your life? I hope so! And listen, I know we went over this last week, but just in case you need a reminder: remember to keep checking the Festival's list of screenings that have limited amounts of tickets left. I'd hate for ANY of your TFF 2014 diary entries to include descriptions of how sad you were to miss out on a film that you were looking forward to seeing. Keep those diaries happy! After you check that out, let's see what else is going on around the 'net.

  • One of the most talked about moments of the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival so far has been Aaron Sorkin's apology to journalists and critics of The Newsroom, which happened in a Future of Film conversation on Monday night. Did you miss it? Are you sick of nodding along with your friends, acting like you didn't miss it? Watch it, then
  • If you're looking for reviews of films showing at the Festival, interviews with filmmakers, and TFF news, Indiewire has all of their coverage on display in an incredibly convenient little package: The 2014 Indiewire Tribeca Bible.  
  • "It just keeps growing. It's always had a good spirit around it because it wasn't born out of sort of a business plan. I think it's growing into a business, which is great for everyone involved. But in the beginning I think it was a societal need." Ron Howard spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about the early days of the Festival.
  • It was announced this week that Meg Ryan will provide the unseen voice of future Greta Gerwig in How I Met Your Dad, mirroring Bob Saget's role as the voice of future Josh Radnor in How I Met Your Mother.
  • Beginning on May 21st, you may no longer have to use your old roommate's brother's ex-girlfriend's HBO GO account! HBO announced Wednesday that many of its most popular titles, like The Wire and The Sopranos, will soon be available to stream on Amazon Prime. (You may still have to ask around for someone's Amazon Prime account.)
  • Ahead of the May 2 release of Spider-Man 2, the sequel that will usher in Summer Movie Season, the staff over at Grantland has put together their summer movie preview with picks, pans, and predictions.  (Don't miss out on the summer movies edition of their Grantland Dictionary either.)
  • On Wednesday night's Daily Show, Stephen Colbert debuted a touching tribute to Stephen Colbert, after breaking the news to Jon Stewart that he would soon be ending The Colbert Report. "It's become clear to me that I've won television," he explained.
  • "Late last night [Obama’s chairman of the Federal Communications Commission] Wheeler released a statement accusing the Wall Street Journal of being 'flat-out wrong.' Yet the Washington Post has confirmed, based on inside sources, that the new rule gives broadband providers 'the ability to enter into individual negotiations with content providers … in a commercially reasonable matter.' That’s telecom-speak for payola payments, and a clear violation of Obama’s promise." Tim Wu, for the New Yorker, on net neutrality.  
  • Charlize Theron and Andy Samberg will host the final two episodes of Saturday Night Live this season, with musical guests the Black Keys and St. Vincent, respectively.
  • Here is a first look at the first scene from the second season of Orange Is the New Black, which will be released on Netflix in its entirety on June 6th. From the looks of the scene, solitary confinement isn't as fun as it sounds!  
  • "It's kind of twisting in the wind now. When I got up to Boston, I ran into one of the Comedy Central execs, and he was like, 'Man, I'm really sorry that we've got you just waiting.' I was like, well, it's better to still be waiting than to know it's not happening. There are many versions of this conversation that are more grim than this one. We're just waiting to hear." Bradford Evans, for Splitsider, spoke with Chris Gethard about his Comedy Central pilot and his new album


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