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Kelly's Friday Links: Greta Gerwig Sitcom Outrage & Will Ferrell's 'Lego' Genius

Welcome to my new column, "Kelly's Friday Links." Every Friday I'll be giving you a look at the worthwhile things that have happened online in the world of film, tv, tech, and media -- news, interviews, Twitter jokes, etc. It's going to be fun! This week we'll take a look at Greta Gerwig's new gig, why every adult on your Twitter feed seems to be going nuts over The Lego Movie, and more! Let's get to it!
  • To simultaneous confusion, apprehension, and excitement, the wonderful Greta Gerwig has signed on to star in and co-produce CBS's upcoming How I Met Your Mother followup, How I Met Your Dad. Our own Karen Kemmerle has some words on why her addition to the sitcom world will be a good thing for female storytellers.
  • Comcast and Time Warner are joining forces, which should make it far easier to commiserate about our cable service with friends who live in different cities! Here is Gizmodo on why the merger will be even worse than we think. (Oh good!)
  • "Taking a Look Back at the Films of Darren Aronofsky on His 45th Birthday." 
  • “You have to walk like you have three men walking behind you.” -Oscar de la Renta. Vogue paired the dogs of the Westminster Kennel Club with its favorite fashion quotes, which is a perfect way for Vogue to justify putting together a slideshow of pretty much exclusively adorable dogs.
  • The Atlantic's Noah Gittell suggests that The Lego Movie is further evidence of Will Ferrell's subversive genius. Is it because Ferrell personally greets every single one of your Twitter friends when they arrive at their respective theaters and forces them all to tweet glowing reviews of The Lego Movie? Reviews that make me, another fully grown adult, want very badly to see it?! Surprisingly it isn't!
  • Speaking of: Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, and Chris Henchy's production company, Gary Sanchez Productions, has launched a female-focused division, Gloria Sanchez Productions, headed by Jessica Elbaum.
  • "I watch most everything. I've laughed at Homeland and cried at Property Brothers, so I'm ready to be entertained whatever way you want to entertain me." - Chelsea Peretti interviews Catherine O'Hara for Elle
  • Because our time on this Earth is so painfully short, I straight up refuse to learn about what "Flappy Bird" is (or, more accurately, was), but if you have no such qualm: Wired has an explanation of its brief, yet flappy, life.
  • "I remember once I was going over to [actor] Justin Theroux's house, and he said, 'Oh God, there might be paparazzi,' and I was like, 'They'll just think I'm Daniel Craig with a big coat on.'"-  Amy Sedaris (along with Alan Cumming, Yves Béhar, and others!) weighs in on style for the Wall Street Journal Magazine
  • And finally, the world lost Sid Caesar this week, who died in his home at age 91. Here he is with Imogene Coca on Your Show of Shows.


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