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Kanye West & Steve McQueen's Nine-Minute Music Video to Premiere in Los Angeles

As unexpected as it may be, it’s true: Steve McQueen and Kanye West have one-upped HBO’s True Detective’s Cary Fukunaga and Matthew McConaughey—in quantity, that is. The jury’s still out on the quality competition.

The New York Times’s ArtsBeat reported yesterday that the Los Angeles County Museum of Art will host the American premiere of "All Day/I Feel Like That," the nine-minute-long, single-take music video/short film from West, directed by 12 Years a Slave filmmaker McQueen. That's three minutes longer than last year's insane True Detective one-take sequence. From the sound of it, West's clip will stylistically have more in common with McQueen’s two previous films, Hunger and Shame, especially the former’s brilliantly harrowing sequence where a gang of riot officers beat the hell out of the inmates with their batons.

The video, which was first shown during fashion week in March at the Foundation of Louis Vuitton in Paris, was shot at the Clatham Dockyard in Southwest England, and it’s essentially one long chase sequence. What exactly is chasing West, though, is undetermined, but McQueen’s camera darts after the prolific rapper as he flees through an empty warehouse.

"All Day/I Feel Like That" will screen at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art for four days, beginning this Saturday. There’s no word yet on when it’ll premiere online or on television, nor is there an official release date yet for West’s new album, SWISH.

For now, give "All Day" another listen; if you don’t live in Los Angeles, just imagine Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead zooming-through-the-woods camera rapidly trailing after Kanye while listening here—that’ll give McQueen’s video a lot to live up to, no doubt.


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