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Joey Spiotto's 'Storytime' Series Will Warm Your Heart

Joey Spiotto's 'Storytime' series imagines popular figures as storybook characters.

Joey Spiotto's "Storytime" series interprets iconic pop culture images as Little Golden Books and the results are absolutely delightful. Spiotto debuted the series at Los Angeles's Gallery 1988 earlier this month and the collection is still on view at the gallery's East location through August 16th for you West-coasters. Picturing the main characters of some of our favorite films as jubilant, excited children, this series is the cutest thing you'll see all day. 

Check out this one from American Psycho. Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman looks postively ecstatic about having just hacked someone to death. 

Looks like the perfect bedtime story for your toddler!

And here's a self-satisfied Smeagol stepping on Frodo's face... nice, boys!

There's this thoughtful interpretation of The Shining:

This one of a baby Daniel Day-Lewis in There Will Be Blood...

...look at that little mustache!

And there's these two Tarantino buddies...

...who look like they're getting along swell, just like The Bride and Gogo in this one from Kill Bill:

...they're like best friends!

You can buy most of these prints from Gallery 1988's webstore if they're not already sold out.



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