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'Jackrabbit' | Dinner and a Movie | Stephen Colbert

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Jackrabbit, the Post-apocalyptic Hacker Movie
What you need to know: Tech mag Wired profiles Jackrabbit, the impressive post-apocalyptic hacker movie, and has an exclusive clip from the movie that begins with a propoganda clip promising to combine the best of all technological innovation thus far. The plot summary is not any more clear - two hackers try to detangle the mystery of their friend's suicide. 
Tribeca says: Get tickets to Jackrabbit here.

Dinner and a Movie at TFF
What you need to know: For anyone coming down to Tribeca from out of town - or if you just hate deciding on a restaurant - Thrillist has this handy list that pairs a TFF film with a local bar or restaurant where you can go to talk about what you just watched. The places on this list are great for dates or small groups and are thematically coordinated with a particular TFF film - like Stung and Black Ant, where you can literally eat bugs. 
Tribeca says: Definitely still get popcorn, too. 

See Where You Fall on the TFF Moviegoer Matrix
What you need to know: Similar to the Gothamist quiz we posted about yesterday, this quiz from the NYPost tells you what kind of TFF moviegoer you are and which films would be your speed. To our knowledge, you can be a chill 'The Dude' moviegoer, a lover of the eccentric, a realist, or a few others. Take the quiz to find out for yourself.
Tribeca says: Let us know your results!

Stephen Colbert in conversation with George Lucas
What you need to know: Stephen Colbert's fans will remember his Star Wars trivia face-off with Jon Stewart, which Colbert lost. As part of the illustrious Tribeca Talks series, Colbert is likely to redeem himself by geeking out to the fullest when he talks to George Lucas about the Star Wars and Indiana Jones reboot. 
Tribeca says: This event is just one in a series of the best professionals working in the industry right now. Check out our event guide for tickets and info. 


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