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With Interlude's New Treehouse, Anyone Can Tell Interactive Stories For Free

This week, the interactive video platform Interlude introduced Treehouse, a self-service HTML5 web app designed to be a vital tool for online storytellers.

Co-founded by Yoni Bloch and Tal Zubalsky, Interlude has served as an online haven for video creators since 2009, enabling content creators and storytellers to reach fresh audiences through a next-generation online video platform. As of this week, they are releasing a revolutionary editing tool known as Treehouse, that allows video creators to map, shape, and publish interactive videos on multiple platforms—web, social, and mobile. Treehouse will be available at no charge to personal users, while commercial users can choose between two different per-project payment tiers.

Tech Crunch describes Treehouse as a“ ‘choose your own adventure,’ but for video.”  The editing suite allows users to turn their linear videos into interactive experiences so that their viewers can take an active role and choose the direction of the videos they are watching.

Using this unique tool, the team at Tech Crunch interviewed Yoni Bloch to give their readers a clear example of the innovative storytelling platform. Treehouse has the potential to change the ways we watch music videos, share interactive stories, and participate in one-on-one conversations.

So don’t be afraid to get inspired! Treehouse is a platform that offers you aspiring filmmakers and established artists another option for launching engaging and interactive videos to share with your networks. There are no limits on video lengths or storage. With tools like this, storytelling has never been easier. 


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