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5 Amazing Interactive Music Videos to Inspire You to Make Your Own

Have you heard? We're inviting filmmakers and storytellers to create interactive music films and showcasing the winners at TFF2014! So here's a tutorial video and five of our favorite recent examples to get your creative juices flowing.

Who's Interlude? It's a digital media company with an amazing platform that delivers highly engaging and seamless interactive videos. And now with Treehouse - its self service authoring suite - any filmmaker can create and share these best-in-breed interactive videos too. We think it's so great that we chose to partner with Interlude and work with Treehouse for our Music Film Challenge.

 Here's a video from Interlude to get you started on your interactive video making journey:

Need more inspiration - and a sense of what this amazing technology can help you do? Here are five music videos created with Interlude's technology. Let your imagination soar:

1. Chairlift "Met Before", video directed by Jordan Fish

Who or what would you be in another universe? This music video lets the audience choose their own adventure, from a meet-cute situation to a trippy traipse in the woods. 

2. Bob Dylan "Like A Rolling Stone,"  video directed by Vania Heymann 

"Like a Rolling Stone" may be an old favorite, but the Dylan classic is newly mesmerizing as users "flip through channels," only to find that on every channel, everyone--from Drew Carey to The Property Brothers--is singing along. 

3. Ross Lynch "Heard It on the Radio", Disney

This kid-friendly video is filled with beachy activities to choose from, letting the audience decide which character they'd like to see next. 

4. Andy Grammer "Keep Your Head Up"

This music video for Andy Grammer's hit single features a hapless singer as he bumbles through the day. This interactive video even won the 2011 MTV O Award for Most Innovative Video (and the next year the award went to another Interlude video for We The Kings.)

5. Koren Ensemble (feat. Tim Cluff) "Life on Mars: The Wacky Version" video directed by Daniel Koren

David Bowie's classic song gets a whimsical video with a vaudevillian flair. Hijinx ensue as musicians and props are chosen. 

Now that you've been inspired, make your own interactive music film and submit it to Tribeca Interactive: A Music Film Challenge


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