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This Weekend's Indies: Eli Roth, Sarah Polley, 'Venus and Serena'

Opening this week in limited release: Eli Roth gets in front of the camera, Sarah Polley captures her family on film, and more.

Low-budget horror filmmaking hits the streets of Chile as Eli Roth steps in front of the camera for a premise that starts out looking an awful lot like one of his Hostel films. A bunch of friends take their fratty antics to South America, and it looks like things may well go exactly in the torture-porn direction, until an earthquake hits (bad) and ends up breaking open the walls of the local prison (worse).

Stories We Tell
With Away From Her and Take This Waltz, Sarah Polley has proved herself to be one of the most exciting young directors working today, and this documentary -- having already earned festival acclaim -- is only adding to that reputation. In it, Polley delves into her own family secrets and in the process explores the storytelling nature of our personal histories.

Director Ben Wheatley sprung a most unexpected horror on viewers with Kill List. With Sightseers, he once again looks to be pulling the rug out from under audience with this story of a nice-seeming couple on holiday who quickly become something ... else. This appears to be much more on the comedic side (albeit, verrrry dark comedy), which should keep audiences even more on their toes.

Venus and Serena
A documentary about tennis's elite sisters, tracking their remarkable life story. They've been around long enough that there's become something of a legend around them -- the public courts in Compton; the predictions by their father that they would one day be the greatest -- so a film like this could manage to cut through the mythmaking and let you see the sisters themselves.


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