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TFF 2013 Trailer of the Day: ‘In God We Trust’

‘In God We Trust’ follows Eleanor Squillari, Bernie Madoff’s secretary of nearly three decades, on her crusade to discover the truth about her former boss and his dastardly dealings.

“I was Bernie Madoff’s secretary. How do you explain that on your resume?” In their documentary debut, In God We Trust filmmakers Derek Anderson and Victor Kubicek take audiences behind the headlines of the Bernie Madoff scandal to meet Eleanor Squillari, Madoff’s longtime personal secretary, as she struggles to understand how and why her former boss could commit the largest financial fraud in U.S history.

Though she had no part in the scandal, Squillari still feels immeasurable guilt towards the victims of Madoff’s Ponzi scheme. As she works with investigators to expose previously unknown facts about the case, Squillari provides a unique and personal look into the enigmatic Madoff and the lasting repercussions of his actions.  

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