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Tribeca Film Will Release ‘Hyena’ in 2015

This gritty thriller set in the contemporary London underworld recently played at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival.

We’re pleased to announce that Tribeca Film has acquired the North America rights to Hyena straight out of this year’s TIFF. The brutal cop thriller (which also opened the 2014 Edinburgh International Film Festival) stars Peter Ferdinando (Starred Up, High Rise), Stephen Graham (Boardwalk Empire), Neil Maskell (Kill List), and Richard Dormer (Game of Thrones).

The film follows Michael Logan (Ferdinando), a corrupt police offer with an addiction problem trying to stay alive in the brutal environment that is London’s criminal underworld. As a group of merciless Albanian gangsters threatens his livelihood, Logan must stay one step ahead of his enemies while he battles his internal demons.

Described as “an ambitiously scaled police-corruption thriller” by The Guardian, Hyena will be available to American audiences sometime next year. 


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