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How to Get Your Top Picks at TFF 2013

Want to navigate TFF 2013 like a pro? Look no further than this 3-step guide to better your chances of getting tickets to the movies you most want to see. (Hint: the magic date to remember is this Monday, April 1!)

Our ticket packages are popular for a reason. Here's how TFF superfans get the most out of them to experience the festival to the fullest.

Step 1: If you haven't already, pick up a Franklin Ticket Package (20 tickets) or a Harrison Ticket Package (10 tickets).

Step 2: Between now and Monday, look over the film guide  with your calendar and pick out the movies you're most excited to see, with alternates just in case. Here are some suggestions to get you into the guide:

The Comedies - We don't have to tell you that comedies are great to see with a group - pick three friends and one of these and you have a field trip.

The Documentaries - Is there anything better than playing hooky and seeing a documentary in the middle of the day? Even better: a doc that practically nobody else has seen yet!

The Shorts: Bite-sized movies! 

With the Harrison and Franklin packages, you'll have 10 or 20 individual tickets to work with, respectively, and you can choose to use them any way you want, up to 4 tickets per screening. So you can go to a matinee by yourself, take a date to an evening show, and treat three friends to a festival field trip and still have ticket spots left to fill out your calendar. 

Step 3: Monday morning, be ready. 

At 11 AM Monday morning (after you've digested all of the internet's hilarious April Fools Day jokes) you'll be able to redeem your packages for tickets, up to four for each screening, so get out your list and be ready to pounce! You can redeem your packages for tickets online, on your smartphone, or even on the telephone. So dive in to the film guide and get ready to choose movies on Monday!


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