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Which Actress Should Play Hillary Clinton? (Other than Scarlett Johansson)

Casting rumors are running wild surrounding the upcoming Hillary Clinton biopic, 'Rodham,' which features the former Secretary of State as a 26-year old Yale Law student.

The Internet exploded earlier this month when it was announced that Scarlett Johansson, Reese Witherspoon, Jessica Chastain and Amanda Seyfried were the frontrunners to play the young Hillary Clinton in an upcoming biopic written by Young Il Kim and to be directed by James Ponsoldt. The film follows Clinton as a law student at Yale and then during her time as one of the lawyers on the impeachment inquiry staff counseling the House Committee on the Judiciary during Watergate.

When we saw the possible casting choices for the young Hilary, we were less than enthused (except for Amanda Seyfried; she can stay). Ever since, we’ve run the gamut of emotions: elation (when Jessica Chastian and Scarlett Johansson denied their involvement in the project) to despair (Carey Mulligan flat out refused the role). While an established name certainly helps any film at the box office, the role of a young Hillary Clinton is potentially star making.

Here are 5 young actresses who we feel could do a hell of a job playing the future First Lady and Secretary of State (and potential 2016 presidential candidate).

Brie Larson

Well-known for her role as Toni Collette’s angst-ridded teen on "The United States of Tara," Brie Larson had three features at SXSW this year—Short Term 12, The Spectacular Now, and Don Jon. She’s a triple threat—actress, singer, filmmaker—and oozes intelligence and poise, making her a viable choice to play the former FLOTUS. Rodham is just the breakout role she needs to propel her to stardom.

Brit Marling

With sizable roles in movies like Arbitrage, The East, and The Company You Keep, Brit Marling is becoming one of the most talked about actresses in Hollywood. Brit is a writer as well as an actress (Another Earth, Sound of My Voice, The East), and a complex, powerful female role like the one in Rodham would fall right into her wheelhouse.

Alison Pill

Currently starring on HBO’s "The Newsroom" as Maggie Jordan, Alison Pill is no stranger to ambitious, complicated females who thrive in male-dominated profession. A favorite of Woody Allen’s (she was featured in both Midnight in Paris and To Rome With Love), Pill is always up for a challenge and could tackle the role  with aplomb. Plus, no one can deliver a stirring monologue like Pill. She’s flawless.

Amber Tamblyn

Throw a blonde wig on her and Amber Tamblyn is a viable option for the title role in Rodham. A poet in addition to being an actress, Tamblyn has a pool of hidden depth that is just begging to be revealed on screen. Tamblyn is known for her compelling and passionate performances across all media. Well known to TV audiences from a memorable recurring guest stint on "House," Rodham could be just the vehicle to show movie-going audiences that Tamblyn has come a long way since The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

Merritt Wever

Charming, intelligent and delightful quirky, Merritt Wever has a wonderful screen presence. While she has been working steadily for years, Wever’s most notable role is that of Zoey Barkow on "Nurse Jackie." Able to hold her own in the midst of dominating talents like Edie Falco and Bobby Cannavale, Wever should have no problem delivering the goods in Rodham, if only Hollywood would let her. 


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