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Catch Up With The MLK Cougars This Week on SportsCenter

It’s Hell Week and it’s time to check in on the team from ‘We Could Be King’ as they head into a new season.

Huddle up, sports fans! Last week we reported that Dicks Sporting Goods, Tribeca Digital Studios and filmmaker Judd Ehrlich were following the Martin Luther King Cougars during Hell Week for the SportsCenter series. Don’t miss this chance to catch up with Coach Ed Dunn and the players as they head into their next season.

If you have seen the gripping documentary at this year’s Festival or on VOD or iTunes, you know that the MLK Cougars ended last season as the Public League Champs. A year later, you can see what happens next as the team rebuilds after the loss of several star seniors and with a fresh crop of rookie players coming in hungry for a winning season.

Starting tonight, there will be successive four-minute episodes airing during the 6 PM ET SportsCenter all this week on ESPN. However, due to the US Open, We Could Be Kings fans should note that Tuesday’s episode will air on ESPN 2. If you live on the West Coast (or just have a late bedtime!), Hell Week will re-air during the 9 PM ET SportsCenter the week of September 1 through the 5.

Don’t have a TV? No problem. The first episode of Hell Week is currently available right here on the Dicks Sporting Goods’ website with the rest of the episodes rolling out tomorrow.

Constantly on the go? Download the ESPN app and you’ll be able to watch the 5-episode Hell Week series on any device you choose! 


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