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'The Breakfast Club' Turns 30 | Beck & D'Angelo | Stanley Kubrick's NYC

The throwback Thursday edition of your daily dose of cultural currency.

Happy Birthday, The Breakfast Club 
What you need to know: The Breakfast Club is celebrating its 30th birthday today. In honor of the ultimate high school flick and tale of teenaged angst, Another Mag examines the iconic fashion and attitudes that made the characters into archetypes. 
Tribeca says: If only we had looked this cool in high school. 

Groove Theory: Beck and D’Angelo 
What you need to know: Beck and D’Angelo talk with Fader back in 2000 about their music: where they find influence, how they feel about performing and accepting recognition, where they would like to see other artists are taking their music. Their conversation is almost alarmingly honest, Beck says at one point that every time he walks off stage he wonderings “Was that a piece shit?” about his own performance. 
Tribeca says: Humbling to say the least.

Great Performers: 9 Kisses 
What you are watching: The New York Times Magazine directed 9 scenes with 18 actors that all resulted in a kiss for their annual Great Performers issue. Director Elaine Constantine created scenes that took place at night for actors ranging from Rosario Dawson with Jenny Slate to Patricia Arquette with Jason Schwartzman.
Tribeca says: Watch the “Making of” video for behind the scenes moments. 

Seventies Throwback Fiction 
What you need to know: In noticing a recent trend in seventies throwback fiction, the cinema comes to mind - American Hustle, Paul Thomas Aderson's recent adaptation of Inherent Vice. Read on for a contemplation on what that nostalgia is imagined to look like versus what the 70s were actually like.
Tribeca says: Film lovers click through.

Stanley Kubrick’s NYC Subway 
What you are looking at: Photographs by then 18 year old Stanley Kubrick of the New York City Subway for LOOK Magazine. Using natural light, his shots are spontaneous, grainy, blurred and an authentic capture of the experience of riding a subway in New York, that feels true even today. 
Tribeca says: While so much has changed, nothing has really changed at all.


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