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Diverse Emoji | The Guggenheim in Classic Films | App Anxiety

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Diverse Emoji
What you need to know: A sneak peek at Apple's upcoming OS X reveals a new range of diverse emojis with six different skin tones to choose from as well as fifteen different variations of the family structure. The palette preview shows a Simpsons-yellow emoji as the standard, which the user can click and hold to change. This new slate of emojis also includes a conventient plug for the Apple Watch.
Tribeca says: All that's missing is an actual Bart Simpson emoji.

How Video Changed the Love Song
What you need to know: From Ted Gioia's recently published Love Songs: The Hidden History, this piece traces the evolution of love songs in response to the music video's demand for sex appeal. Gioia considers where romance stands among the controversial "Blurred Lines" music video and Miley Cyrus's unforgettable VMA performance. 
Tribeca says: Like Gioia, we're also not ready to write off romance. 

Four Classic Films That Feature the Guggenheim
What you need to know: As a classic NYC destination with its immediately recognizable ramps, of course the Guggenheim would find its way into several classic films about the city. The Guggenheim blog recently curated some of their favorites, including go-to NYC movie Manhattan.  
Tribeca says: Click through for a cool archival newspaper article discussing the 1971 filming of Such Good Friends.

"Pacifica" for Stress Management
What you need to know: This new app enlisted the aid of psychiatrists to develop something to ease the suffering from anxiety. With breathing exercises and guided relaxation, the app can also help with managing daily stress. You can also chart your progress by recording and monitoring recurrent symptoms, thought patterns, and mood fluctuations. 
Tribeca says: Definitely download this calming pocket therapist.

Image via Blackbook

Dustin Yellin on "Psychogeographies"
What you need to know: Currently on view at the New York City Ballet, Dustin Yellin's installation compresses found objects arranged like human figures between two plates of glass. Blackbook's interview with the Brooklyn-based artist takes a look into the the artist's inspiration for this piece and his creative vision in general. 
Tribeca says: We've had Yellin's help with the Festival in the past and we look forward to his endeavors in the future. 



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