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Guess Which Actors Produced These Movies

Actor/Producers are all over Hollywood, but the majority of the time, they're producing films they also star in. When they play a producing role on films they have no acting stake in, it gets more interesting. Here are 12 recent examples that surprised us. (Note: only one is George Clooney!)

Film: The Social Network: Which current Emmy nominee produced the Oscar-nominated Mark Zuckerberg film?

The Producer: Kevin Spacey

Film: Kick-Ass: Which A-list star of a 2013 summer blockbuster produced BOTH Kick-Ass films, PLUS The Departed?

The Producer: Brad Pitt

Film: Far From Heaven: Which TV-to-film star produced Todd Haynes's stylized period film?

The Producer: George Clooney

Film: Pitch Perfect: Full disclosure: this mystery producer appeared very briefly in this film.

The Producer: Elizabeth Banks

Film: Orphan: Which former child star produced this story about a former child?

The Producer: Leonardo DiCaprio

Film: Rent: Which multiple Oscar-winner produced this adaptation of the Tony- and Pulitzer Prize-winning musical?

The Producer: Robert De Niro

Film: Monte Carlo: Which Australian star produced this movie about American teens in Monaco?

The Producer: Nicole Kidman

Film: The Others: Which Hollywood star was a major x-factor for this film as its producer?

The Producer: Tom Cruise

Film: Elephant You're just never going to guess which actress produced Gus Van Sant's high-school-shooters film. Don't even try.

The Producer: Diane Keaton

Film: The Ruins: Which actor/director who's never done horror decided to throw in on this killer-vines creeper?

The Producer: Ben Stiller


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