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Getting To Know The Cast of 'About Alex'

Watch some of the best work from the stars of TFF 2014 fave, 'About Alex,' opening this weekend in select theaters.

Opening this weekend is About Alexthe debut film from Jesse Zwick about, um, Alex. The narrative follows the thirtysomething who tried to kill himself and the friends who gather to comfort him. 

The film premiered at TFF 2014 and will be in theaters and available on VOD August 8 - but you can prepare by streaming the cast's previous work right now.

Jason Ritter as Alex

Alex attempts suicide, so his friends gather at his house in upstate New York.

Watch Jason Ritter in Parenthood.

Playing a young, hip English teacher named Mark Cyr, Jason Ritter is Sarah's (Lauren Graham) on-again, off-again fiance. In this episode, Mark is jealous of Sarah's new boss (Ray Romano.) 

Nate Parker as Ben

Ben, a writer, lives in the shadow of his more successful girlfriend, Siri.

Watch Nate Parker in Arbitrage. 

Nicholas Jarecki's dramatic film has Nate Parker as Jimmy Grant, a young man from Harlem indebted to Robert Miller (Richard Gere.) Miller, a white collar criminal, gets himself into a world of trouble and persuades Nate Parker's character to cover for him. 

Maggie Grace as Siri

Siri, Ben's longtime girlfriend, is entertaining a serious long-distance job offer.

Watch Maggie Grace in Lost.

Maggie Grace is delightfully, ridiculously annoying as Shannon Rutherford in the first season of ABC's Lost. Explore her history as a manipulative psycho in this episode, when she cons her stepbrother, Boone, out of $50,000 and then sleeps with him.

Max Greenfield as Josh

Josh is a crotchety doctoral candidate whose dissertation serves as social commentary about adult friendships in the digital age.

Watch Max Greenfield in New Girl.

Max Greenfield charms as the douchey, lovable Schmidt. In this episode, watch as he, after a troubling breakup, redirects his affections to a lionfish at the aquarium. A very real line of dialogue from the episode has Schmidt admiring his new pet's "perfect, round fish breasts."

Aubrey Plaza as Sarah

Sarah is a serious lawyer who organizes the get-together to monitor Alex's behavior.

Watch Aubrey Plaza in Parks and Recreation

Watching April Ludgate go from being a surly, irresponsible intern to a surly, kinda-responsible Animal Control specialist has been incredibly rewarding. Watch as April learns to respect and admire her coworkers in this shining moment from her trajectory when she harmonizes with Ann and Donna on Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time."

Max Minghella as Isaac

An investment banker from San Francisco.

Watch Max Minghella in The Mindy Project.

As Danny's younger, openly gay brother, Max Minghella visits the show every so often to try to get Danny to reconcile with their estranged father. In this episode, we get to know Richie's boyfriend, Ramon.

Jane Levy as Kate

Isaac's young date and newcomer to the well-formed group.

Watch Jane Levy in Shameless.

An almost unrecognizable Jane Levy is Mandy, Ian's punk rock classmate who pursues him romantically, then acts as his beard when he tells her he's gay. Mandy was eventually recast, but you can watch Levy in this role in Season 1.


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