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Gothamist's TFF 2015 Quiz | 'Gallery Opening' | 'The Wolfpack'

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Gothamist's TFF 2015 Quiz
What you need to know: Are you having trouble deciding which film you most want to see at the Festival this year? Gothamist can help you plan your Festival scheudle with this quiz that tells you which screening or event you definitely should not miss. Decide quickly - the AmEx presale will continue until tickets go on sale to the general public on April 6.
Tribeca says: Let us know your results! 

Short Film Selections
What you need to know: This year's shorts program features 40 World Premieres from first time filmmakers, returning veterans, actors getting behind the camera, experimental art films, and much more. To navigate this forest of short-form work, the films have been organized into thematic groupings based on their subject matter.  
Tribeca says: Last year's Best Narrative Short winner, The Phone Call, went on to win an Academy Award - and this year's slate is just as promising. 

JR, Daniel Arsham, and 'Gallery Opening'
What you need to know: Local artists JR and Daniel Arsham bring their short films to Tribeca in the 'Gallery Opening' series, which combines narrative and documentary shorts to celebrate the aesthetic experience of moving images. Arsham's Future Relic 03 is the third in his series set in the same post-apocolyptic world while JR's Les Bosquets follows the trend of his piece, Portrait of a Generation, to profile the Montfermeil rioters.  
Tribeca says: Remember last year, when Robert DeNiro visited JR at the NYCB?

Broadway at the Festival
What you need to know: As the Festival grows, it becomes increasingly interdisciplinary to draws the attention of neighboring art forms. This year, the festival features intersections with Broadway, another local NYC hub of cultural production. Some key players with exprience in NYC's film and theater scene include  Cynthia Nixon, Elisabeth Moss, James Franco, Ed Harris and John Leguizamo.
Tribeca says: It's all set to be a very musical festival, with a restored On the Town and a performance from Tony Bennett. 

The Wolfpack in the Lower East Side
What you need to know: Director Crystal Moselle chased down the boys of The Wolfpack when she saw them walking down the street in the East Village, a neighborhood that is no stranger to strangeness. After a short conversation with the family, Moselle knew there was a longer story to tell - and so The Wolfpack took off, eventually becoming the documentary to fascinate audiences worldwide.  
Tribeca says: You can buy tickets to The Wolfpack here.



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