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FoF Live: David Gordon Green Talks Shop with Nerdist’s Chris Hardwick

On April 23rd, David Gordon Green sat down with The Nerdist’s Chris Hardwick to discuss his filmmaking process, ‘Prince Avalanche’ and his long-rumored remake of ‘Suspiria.'

Chris Hardwick ('The Nerdist', 'Talking Dead') hosted a conversation with indie auteur David Gordon Green for our Future of Film Live Series. 

Throughout the hour-long conversation, Green and Hardwick chatted about numerous subjects including Green’s career, his personal process, working within indie budgets and dealing with the politics of Hollywood.  

Here's the full conversation, with selected highlight clips below.

On getting rejected from Sundance the first time:

On enjoying the creative freedom of working on “Eastbound & Down:”

On working within your budget:

On why his remake of Suspiria is dead…for now:

This Future of Film LIVE was filmed before a live audience on April 23rd, 2013 at 92YTribeca during the Tribeca Film Festival. To see many more highlights from our Future of Film Live series, go here.


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