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'Wolverine' Trailer Premieres on Vine: 6 Seconds, 14 Shots

And the world of movies gets smaller and faster...

In advance of Wednesday's premiere of the trailer for The Wolverine, 20th Century Fox released a tease for the trailer on the video app Vine. The app, which allows iPhone users (it's not available on Android yet AHEM) to play in the realm where video meets GIF, is the hot new thing and so obviously it was only a matter of time before the movie studios dipped their toes in the quickly-edited waters.

The Wolverine Vine -- available here -- offers 14 action-packed shots from the full-length trailer, smashed up against each other with barely a second to realize what you're seeing. But they do provide an undeniable momentum, all flash-bang Hugh Jackman, leading up to -- what else? -- #TheWolverine. The full trailer drops on Wednesday.

The Vine-ification of a movie trailer is really just the logical extension of movie marketing. There were full trailers, then there were shorter teaser-trailers before a full-length trailer, then there were previews for upcoming trailers (usually airing on your Entertainment Tonights, for example). This hyper-edited Vine trailer-tease is the newest and most bite-sized preview yet.

There are bound to be detractors of the idea of Vine being used to advertise movies this way, if only on principle. New technologies are often viewed as devaluing what came before it. Trailers aren't exactly viewed as art (well, not to some; this writer would disagree), but the Wolverine vine, at least, doesn't really tell you much about the movie it's advertising for. In fact, it's hard to imagine how a Vine preview would work for a film without such a pre-established presence as Jackman's Wolverine. That said, with blockbuster culture going the way it's going, pre-established properties won't be hard to come by.

Curiosity, then? Or wave of the future? You tell us.


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