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Watch the Trailer For ‘Delivery: The Beast Within’ Video description

Watch the Trailer For ‘Delivery: The Beast Within’

Now available on VOD! ‘Delivery: The Beast Within’ is a nightmare for expectant parents everywhere (and a real treat for horror fans!).

Take everything you know about the found footage genre and throw it out the window. A hybrid of Rosemary’s Baby and Paranormal Activity, Delivery follows Kyle (Danny Barclay) and Rachel Massey (Laurel Vail), a young couple who, after several miscarriages, finally get pregnant. Chosen as the subjects of a new family reality show, the couple is overjoyed until a series of unexplained events occur as the pregnancy progresses. Terrified, Rachel begins to suspect that a malignant spirit has possessed their unborn child. 

Praised by Twitch Film as “a refreshing twist on found footage horror that is both engrossing and unsettling,” Delivery is an intense and immersive genre experience. The film is now available on VOD and opens in select theaters this Friday!


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