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‘Flex Is Kings’ Opens This Weekend in NYCVideo description

‘Flex Is Kings’ Opens This Weekend in NYC

Welcome to the world of Flex. The fascinating dance documentary from TFF 2013 hits the Village East Cinema starting Friday, April 4.

Last year, we had the pleasure of kicking off our Viewpoints section with Deidre Schoo’s and Michael Beach Nichols’ Flex is Kings. The documentary brought the stunts, style and grace of the new art form of “Flexing” into the cultural conversation.

Created in East New York, Flex allows young people to channel their frustrations and energies into creative rather than self-destructive activities. Shot over two years by the filmmaking duo all over Brooklyn, the film follows some of the community’s key personalities as they prepare for Battlefest, the event at the heart of the Flex movement.

Throughout the documentary, audiences are made aware of important players in the world of Flex like Reem, the street-wise promoter, Flizzo the local champ, and Jay Donn, the innovator with the talent that takes him to London and back. Despite their differences, their love of this competitive dance form, with its dramatic movements, flowing footsteps and occasional comedic touch, unites them.

New Yorkers can see this incredible film again or for the first time starting this Friday at the Village East Cinema. Filmmakers Michael Beach Nichols and Deirdre Schoo, along with dancers Jay Donn and Flizzo, will be there in person for a Q&A after the 7:00PM shows on both Friday (4/4) and Saturday (4/5).

To learn more about the film and the art of Flex, click here


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