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7 #TFF2013 Films That Will Make You Cry

Want to be moved to tears at #TFF2013? Here are our choices for seven movies that will make you bawl your eyes out. Please come prepared.

Click on the linked titles for screening locations and to BUY TICKETS. (And though almost all of these films have tickets readily available now, there's no such thing as "Sold Out"!)

And the Band Played On
This landmark film first aired on HBO at the height of the AIDS crisis and chronicled the earliest history of the epidemic's presence in the United States, along with the heroic, tragic, incredibly humanistic fight against it. With a cast that defines "all-star," including Matthew Modine, Alan Alda, Anjelica Huston, Richard Gere, Lily Tomlin, Steve Martin, and Ian McKellen, this is a film that has lost none of its power to history. NOTE: This film is screening as part of the Tribeca Talks® After the Movie series. Learn more here: Tribeca Talks® After the Movie: And the Band Played On.

SAT 4/27 3:30 PM

Before Midnight
This is the third reteaming of director Richard Linklater with stars Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy in the every-nine-years resumption of Before Sunrise and Before Sunset. The relationship between Jesse and Celine will continue in a film that has already received glowing reactions from critics. Sweet romance, sparkling dialogue, and some melancholy insights into the nature of life and love are the hallmarks of this series, so expect more of the same.

MON 4/22 6:00 PM
WED 4/24 6:45 PM

As same-sex marriage marches steadily (if sometimes slowly) towards nationwide acceptance, there are still struggles along the way. One such struggle is depicted in this documentary, focusing on gay couple Shane and Tom and the obstacles that emerge when tragedy strikes. There could be no better time for a film like this to make its way to the people. This feature debut from Designing Women creator Linda Bloodworth Thomason is bound to be one of the most emotionally affecting films in the festival.

Showtimes (BUY TICKETS):
TUE 4/23 5:30 PM
THU 4/25 6:00 PM
FRI 4/26 10:30 PM
SUN 4/28 12:00 PM

Director Matt Creed and actress Amy Grantham team up for a very personal tale of the clarity that comes with a life-and-death struggle. Grantham's character, Lily, is nearing the end of her breast-cancer treatment, and now she has to deal with what comes next. What follows promises to be delicate and heartfelt.

Showtimes (BUY TICKETS):
SAT 4/20 8:30 PM
MON 4/22 8:30 PM
WED 4/24 4:00 PM
FRI 4/26 7:00 PM

No Limits
Alison Ellwood's documentary feature is about Audrey Mestre, a woman who found relief and freedom from her scoliosis diagnosis in the ocean. The movie follows her quest to push her own limits, as well as her relationship with an elusive free-diver. Overcoming the physical obstacles of her own body offers quite the inspirational tale. (Bonus: here's our interview this week with No Limits director Allison Ellwood.)

Showtimes (BUY TICKETS):
SAT 4/20 3:00 PM
SAT 4/27 4:00 PM

Reaching for the Moon
Based on the bestselling Brazilian novel, "Rare and Commonplace Flowers," the film by director Bruno Barreto follows the love story between an American poet and a Brazilian architect. Starring Miranda Otto (The Lord of the Rings) as the American poet, the film will certainly have audiences swept up in the romance of it all.

Showtimes (BUY TICKETS):
THU 4/18 9:00 PM
SAT 4/20 9:30 PM
SAT 4/27 11:30 AM

Stand Clear of the Closing Doors
Sam Fleischner's narrative feature focuses on an autistic teen from Queens who escapes into the subway system after a bad day at school. What follows is a mother-and-son story set in the path of Hurricane Sandy (and filmed on location in Far Rockaway), offering a unique look at New York City in the path of the storm. (Bonus: here's our interview with Stand Clear director Sam Fleischner.)

Showtimes (BUY TICKETS):
SAT 4/20 6:00 PM
SUN 4/21 6:30 PM
THU 4/25 1:00 PM
SAT 4/27 7:00 PM
SAT 4/27 8:30 PM


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