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New Yorkers Love 'When Harry Met Sally'

New Yorkers gathered to watch the quintessential New York rom-com.

After asking members of the public to tweet which film every New Yorker should see at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival, TFF's presenting sponsor AT&T and co-collaborator Rooftop Films held a 5-borough screening of When Harry Met Sally last night as part of the first ever Film For All Campaign

Despite the unexpected cancellation of Brooklyn screening at Coney Island (due to unforeseen weather conditions), we did as New Yorkers do— rolled with the punches and still had a great night! The city-wide event was a huge success, with every seat filled at the Solar One screening in Manhattan and a crowd of over 700 people at the Socrates Sculpture Park in Queens. 

We sat and watched Harry and Sally's tumultuous friendship transform into love over the course of 12 years, laughing at the ridiculous and honest situations they find themselves in as they try and navigate through the brutal, yet exciting single New York life. 

Check out the Instagrams we snapped at the various screenings! 

It's not a New York event without a line! 

A full, and hungry, house waits for the screening to start at Solar One!

Shh... It's starting! Harry and Sally's first encounter on the car ride from Chicago to New York. 

Sally breaks the news to her pals that her and Joe broke up...

... Which leads to the beginning of a beautiful friendship with Harry

Overall, the very first Film For All Campaign was a success!

Thanks to Marisa McGrody, Courtney LaBarge and Jenn Zilioli for supplying photos.


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