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Lyric Cabral | Jason Sudeikis | Bill de Blasio

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(T)error Director Lyric Cabral Talks to Colorlines
What you need to know: Former Black Panther and current FBI informant Saeed Torres is the subject of the tricky documentary project that is (T)error, which takes a look into the covert domestic operations that investigate the Muslim community. Director Lyric Cabral talks to Colorlines about the tricky diplomacy involved in interviewing both Torres and his latest target.
Tribeca says: A limited number of tickets for (T)error are still available here.are still available here.

Tribeca Director Welcomes Baby
What you need to know: Festival Director Genna Terranova welcomed a baby girl yesterday, a week ahead of her due date. Baby Gia's early arrival keeps Terranova occupied for the opening night of her debut Festival as Director, this momentous occasion for the family is unparalleled.
Tribeca says: Congratulations, Genna!

Ludacris to Perform at Tribeca Film Festival's Opening Night
What you need to know: Recurring SNL performer Ludacris, on the heels of his success in Fast 7, is scheduled to perform after the opening night screening of Live From New York! tomorrow night. As a continuation of the Festival's celebration of the collaboration between music and film, this performance from Ludacris is all set to start the Festival with a bang.
Tribeca says: Tickets are still available - purchase them now.

Get Excited for TFF with Jason Sudeikis and AT&T
What you need to know: Check out this short clip with Jason Sudeikis as he's confronted on the sidewalk by some opportunistic tourists. Things take an unusual turn as a short photo-op evolves into a little too much.
Tribeca says: Be much cooler than these two tourists if you run into a celebrity during the festival.

First Live From New York! Trailer
What you need to know: The first trailer for the SNL documentary is now available, showing the intense behind-the-scenes preparation that goes into getting the show running. Featuring favorite recurring sketches that live in the intersection between politics and comedy, the trailer highlights SNL's cultural legacy as an NYC touchpoint.
Tribeca says: Tickets are still available here.

DeNiro and Rosenthal Talk NYC, De Blasio
What you need to know: In a conversation with The Daily Beast ahead of the Festival's opening night, Tribeca Film Festival co-founders Robert DeNiro and Jane Rosenthal talked about the Festival's origins in rehabilitating lower Manhattan. When asked about their opinion on Bill De Blasio, both co-founders expressed their frustration with the lack of support from the mayoral office.
Tribeca says: After 14 successful festivals, it seems that TFF has proven worthy of investment from the city.


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