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Acting Disruptive: Felicity Huffman & What the FlickaVideo description

Acting Disruptive: Felicity Huffman & What the Flicka

In the third episode of AOL ON/Tribeca Digital Studios series, ‘Acting Disruptive,’ actress Felicity Huffman chats about What the Flicka, a website where moms can be truly honest about motherhood.

“Motherhood can be a judgmental enterprise.”

In the third episode of Acting Disruptive, the delightful Felicity Huffman, clad in leopard print pajamas, takes host Max Lugavere on a candid journey that reveals what it takes to be in a mom in the age of the Internet and beyond (the pair even hit up a Mommy & Me yoga class).

Dedicated to building a safe space for mothers, Huffman and her team have created a “virtual kitchen counter” with What the Flicka, an online space where mothers from around the world can come together, chat and share their experiences, good or bad.

Learn more about Acting Disruptive on AOL ON here! 


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