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A scene from THE SHINING (1980)

Celebrate "Horror Father's Day" at the Museum of the Moving Image This Sunday

Instead of doing the same old thing with your dad this year, why not darken up Father's Day a bit with these three horror classics?

Every other dad will either be enjoying a fancy restaurant meal or a backyard BBQ party this Sunday—why not treat your pops to one of the sickest triple movie feature lineups imaginable?

Like they did for Mother’s Day, Astoria's Museum of the Moving Image will honor patriarchs with a trio of horror classics, billed as "Horror Father's Day." Each movie is fueled by dysfunctional daddy issues. In the super-dark thriller The Night of the Hunter, the great Robert Mitchum gives one of the best villain performances ever as a sociopath who infiltrates a single mother’s life and gives her two children a real-life boogeyman to try to defeat. The underrated French-Italian gem Eyes Without a Face, meanwhile, is pure nightmare fuel, showing how a mad scientist’s plan to kidnap people and skin them in order to give his disfigured daughter a new face goes horribly wrong. And in The Shining—well, what more needs to be said about Stanley Kubrick’s masterful Stephen King adaptation other than to remind you that it’s singularly frightening and home to Jack Nicholson in Peak Creeper mode?

If anything, watching these three horrifying dads will make you want to extend Father’s Day into Monday for a weeknight BBQ. Whatever it’ll take to let your old man know his anti-Jack-Torrance demeanor is appreciated.

To buy tickets for Horror Father's Day, head over to the MoMA's official page. And if you need some convincing, here are the three films' trailers:


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