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Ethan Hawke on 'Good Kill' | ESPN Films | 'Transfatty Lives'

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Ethan Hawke on Good Kill
What you need to know: Ethan Hawke stars as a conflicted drone pilot in Good Kill, premiering at this year's festival. In this interview with Den of Geek, he talks about his first film, Explorers, as well as modern warfare, voyeurism, and working with director Andrew Niccol to invoke a science fiction element in the story and visuals. Hawke, always sharp, also demonstrates his foreign policy expertise in a discussion of the dangers of expanding drone programs.  
Tribeca says: Good Kill premieres at the Festival on April 19th. See showtimes and buy your tickets here. 

The Tribeca/ESPN Sports Film Festival, sponsored by Mohegan Sun
What you need to know: Eva Longoria and Retta will be on hand to answer questions after a screening of Longoria's ¡Go Sebastien Go! Her ESPN Versus collaborator Retta will also join the conversation to discuss social responsibility in the world of professional sports. Spike Lee and David Tyree will also host a Tribeca Talks event as part of this program, reflecting on the play profiled in The Greatest Catch Ever. 
Tribeca says: You can still get tickets to both Tribeca Talks events here. 

TFI Latin American Fund Grantees
What you need to know: TFI's Latin American Fund, now in it's fifth year, awarded $156,000 to ten projects in advanced development. Four of these selections, 1,000 Days, The Dionti Family, Away From Meaning and Museo, have been selected as TFI/Bloomberg Fellows, which earns them close mentorship from TFI as well as funding for their film project. 
Tribeca says: We can't wait to see these projects once they're finalized.

Transfatty Lives Brings ALS Back
What you need to know: Although the ALS ice bucket challenge made its rounds without leaving a single person dry last summer, the struggle to fund treatment initiatives still thrives. Transfatty Lives, celebrating its U.S. Premiere at the Festival this year, is an autobiographical film from ALS patient Patrick O'Brien. In this piece, O'Brien discusses the gravity of the film's partnership with the ALS Therapy Development Institute.   
Tribeca says: Tickets are still available for Transfatty Lives.


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