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Don’t Miss ‘Dredd’ in 3D This Saturday at Tribeca Cinemas

Listen up, citizens! To celebrate this week’s New York Comic Con, our friends at Tribeca Cinemas are hosting a 3D screening of a new cult classic.

Gird your loins, movie and comic book fans: the rumors are true! To continue the celebration of all things geeky at this week’s New York Comic Con, the fine folks at Tribeca Cinemas will be screening Dredd in 3D this Saturday, October 11 at 9PM.

Set in the dystopian future where there is no such thing as a court system, law enforcement officers termed “Judges” serve as juries and executioners. Judge Dredd (Karl Urban), a seasoned veteran, is assigned to train newbie Judge Anderson (Olivia Thirlby). When they are called to assess a disturbance at the Peach Trees housing project, they discover that a local drug lord, Ma-Ma (Lena Headey), is in control, overseeing the manufacture and sale of a new drug called ‘Slo-Mo’. When Ma-Ma learns of the Judges’ presence, she orders their execution. The Judges have only one choice: fight to survive.

If you missed seeing the 3D version of Dredd in theaters, you no longer have to live with regret. The time to relish in the full Dredd experience has finally come! Tickets are on-sale now (for only $14!). What’s more, the screening will support the ‘Make a Dredd’ sequel movement.

You look ready. We hope to see you there! 


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