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Large summerinfeb lovetriangle

Watch Dan Stevens and Emily Browning in this ‘Summer in February’ Clip

In the mood for a little romance? Get a peak at the love triangle between artists featured in Christopher Menaul’s ‘Summer in February’.

Inspired by a true story, Summer in February tells the story of an artist colony on the English coast during the months leading up to World War I. Led by AJ (later Sir Alfred) Munnings, the commune serves as a safe haven where writers and artists can work in peace. When the comely Florence Carter-Wood (Emily Browning) arrives, she soon catches the eye of Munnings and his friend, Gilbert Evans (Dan Stevens), leading to a complicated and dynamic love triangle.

In this clip from the film, Gilbert Evans works up the nerve to ask Florence for her hand in marriage, only to experience an unexpected interruption. Timing is, unfortunately, everything.

Summer in February is currently available on VOD and digital platforms. Click here to see if this sweeping romance is coming to a theater near you.




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