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Watch Two Fashion Inspired Short Films From Daily Candy and Tribeca Digital Studios

Last night, two new shorts premiered at DailyCandy’s ‘Fashion in Film’ event at Tribeca Cinemas. Watch them now online.

Fashion and film blend together quite nicely, don’t you think? To celebrate Daily Candy’s Fashion in Film event, we worked with the cultural hub to create two short films to kick off their two-day extravaganza of style, conversation and cinema.

Last night, the two shorts—one documentary and one narrative—screened to raves at Tribeca Cinemas. Both fashionistas and cinephiles appreciated the diverse programming (not to mention the cocktail reception afterward!). Thankfully, these two films are now available for viewing.

Chasing Tommy Ton
Dir. Christina Voros

Interested in the phenomenon of street style photography? Then you’ve probably visited the popular blog, Jak & Jil, which features the work of Tommy Ton, one of the pioneers of the art form. As recognizable as his taste and pictures are, Ton himself likes to keep in the background away from the spotlight.

Documentarian Christina Voros (The Director, TFF2013) interviews Ton during the height of the Fashion Week frenzy to find out the catalyst behind his work, details about his day-to-day retinue and the democratization of fashion, thanks to the Internet.

Ivy Holland: By My Selfie
Dir. Matt Lenski

“My life is more special than a lot of people’s. Maybe that’s why they follow me online.” Actress Alex Butler stars in this mockumentary about imagined top NYC stylist, Ivy Holland, who is consumed by her own vision of the image she seeks to maintain.

Written and directed by famed music video director Matt Lenski, this hilarious short film nails the narcissism and self-importance that most stylists embody in the city that never sleeps. This cheeky short will surely delight the fashion community and those just peeking in.



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