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Crowdfunding Pick: 'Make Me Normal,' a Documentary About Drugs & Mental Illness

From time to time we highlight interesting film projects that we think are worthy of crowdfunding love. This week's pick: 'Make Me Normal,' Mitch McCabe's documentary exploring the seeming epidemic of mental illness in America.

We're always looking for interesting new projects on crowdfunding platforms - be they TFF alumni or any members of the film community. So we're excited to share the latest Indiegogo project to catch our eye - a new documentary called Make Me Normal by filmmaker Mitch McCabe (Youth Knows No Pain) and producer Jeff Kusama-Hinte (The Kids Are All Right, Thirteen, Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired) about how the new DSM and pharmaceutical companies are facilitating (and some say creating) a new, unattainable standard for "normal" -- so much that most of us aren't even sure what the word means anymore. Here's the video pitch:

If that doesn't sway you, here are 5 reasons to donate and help the Make Me Normal team reach their Indiegogo goal of $50,000 (note: we have nothing to do with this, we just like the pitch!):

1. A substantial portion of the filming is already completed.

The fact that 70-80 hours of footage and about 50 interviews are in the can is an encouraging sign for a doc that needs crowdfunding - these people are serious. (Not that less-finished projects aren't worthy too, but you know, it helps!)

2. The filmmaker promises to feature both sides of the argument and offer an exploratory look rather than a pedantic one -- which is what a good documentary always does.

McCabe drove all around the country and interviewed people in the pharmaceutical industry in addition to ordinary people who had both positive and negative experiences with medication. The problem the film addresses is the fact that people don't even know what their goal for emotional normality really looks like.

3. But it also aims to change the world.

McCabe says she hopes this documentary will have an impact on society just as Gasland, An Inconvenient Truth, and Food, Inc continue to do.

4. This t-shirt.

Free with a $60 donation! Other gifts and perks (based on donation amount) include tickets to a 2-part comedy night/screening event with humorist Mike Albo, a private yoga session, and a cinema care package featuring copies of McCabe and Kusama-Hinte's previous works.

5. It will relate to you or at least one person you know.

1 in 3 Americans is diagnosed with a mental illness. So this subject matter almost certainly interests you. 

So what are you waiting for? Click here to help fund Make Me Normal.


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