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Coney Island was Home to Peaceful Memorial Day Protest

Chances are, you spent Memorial Day yesterday eating BBQ with friends and family while chilling out poolside, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Some folks, however, used their day off to open other people’s eyes.

On the Coney Island beach yesterday, the Peoples Power Assemblies organization spearheaded a peaceful “stand in solidarity” exhibition, spreading black towels with white body lines signifying innocent black men who’ve been killed by police officers. The protesters held up a banner with “STOP KILLING BLACK PEOPLE” written across it, tied to their #StopKillingBlackPeople hashtag.

The Peoples Power Assemblies official release explains their actions: “Memorial Day is a holiday to remember those lost in wars waged abroad. Today we disrupt the traditional Memorial Day festivities on Coney Island to draw attention to the countless lives lost at home to the war police wage on communities of color every day.”

For images from yesterday’s rally, check out the Stop Killing Black People Tumblr.