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Get Tickets to 22 Comedies at TFF 2014

Do you like some laughter with your Festival film binge? We have 22 features for that.



The Bachelor Weekend

What could go wrong when a reluctant groom is taken out for a wild bachelor's camping trip? 

Bright Days Ahead

Love knows no age as an older woman begins a relationship with a much younger man. Now, she must decide what all this means for her marriage, and above all, her new life. 


Music-junkie roommates and their young sidekick set out to find a folk-rock legend. 

In Order of Disappearance

Truth may be stranger than fiction in this film about an "Upstanding Citizen" award-winner and his quest to find out what really happened to his drug-addicted son in the frozen Norwegian tundra. 

In Your Eyes

Opposites attract as two strangers suddenly find they have an otherworldly connection. 

Just Before I Go

When his last bit of luck turns sour, Ted decides to turn to a desperate act, but first, he has to return to his hometown and finish up some business he's been neglecting. 

Land Ho!

Plagued by the blues, two ex-brothers-in-law decide to take a long trip together. 

Loitering With Intent

Solitude is relative in this comedy about two screenwriters who retreat upstate New York to get work done. When Dominic's sister shows up, the interruptions just keep coming. 

Love & Engineering

The science of love is taken seriously in this documentary about engineers trying to find a foolproof formula for romance. 

Love is Strange

This dramatic comedy stars John Lithgow and Alfred Molina as Ben and George, longtime loves finally given the chance to make their commitment official. As resulting hardships befall them, they have only their love to keep them together. 


Sir Patrick Stewart stars as Tobi, a famed dance intructor, and now the subject of a documentary. When questions begin focusing on his private life, however, the icon becomes suspicious of the filmmakers (Matthew Lillard and Carla Gugino). 

Summer of Blood 

Relationships issues become the least of Eric's problems after a chance encounter with a vampire gets his thirsty for more. 

Young Bodies Heal Quickly

One summer is all it takes to grow up as  two brothers seek refuge, get into fights, and try to stick together. 


Zombies and beavers collide to terrorize a group of teenagers trying to have a good time at a lake cabin. 


Comedies on RUSH:

Art and Craft 

A prolific art forger donates his deceptions to charities, but as questions about his mental state arise, it seems that nothing is as simple as it appears. 

Begin Again

Music, love, and laughs collide in this dramatic comedy about finding the strength to start over. 


Jon Favreau stars as a chef trying to re-invent himself as he takes the wheel of a food truck. 

Goodbye to All That

An unlucky sort finds himself thrust back into the dating world after an unexpected divorce. Now, he tries to navigate bizarre relationships to find true connection. 


On the brink of all the responsibilities of adulthood, Caleb decides to gather a team for one last hurrah.... and hopefully a win. 

Life Partners

Their friendship has always been paramount for Paige and Sasha, but when a serious suitor shows up, Sasha fears it could be the end of their special relationship. 

Murder of a Cat

Upon the murder of his cat, adult Clinton is prepared to sacrifice everything in the name of justice. 

The One I Love

A seemingly normal romantic retreat takes a turn for the weird in this film starring Mark Duplass and Elisabeth Moss.

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